My Favorite Films From 2000s.

Hey folks, today I want to share my top three movies from this century that you owe it to yourself to watch. As you know, I’m more of a classic film buff, and I’d be lying if I said I really get much out of a lot of current box office hits. I miss the days when movies had a sense of flair, of stylish drama, and when they weren’t afraid to swing big with real emotional punches, not these sort of muttered, dark characters in new “dramas.”


It’s saying something when I like a new movie these days, so I want to share three really special films with you today. I’m officially adding them to my list of must-see American films.


First on the list comes from Mel Gibson, as an actor and a director. The Patriot is by far the best movie of the 2000-2010 period, in my opinion. It’s a big, epic movie like they don’t really make anymore. If you’re going to watch it, look for the extended version on Youtube. It’s free. The Patriot is the story of an American man in the Revolutionary War, having tried to stay out of the conflict, taking up arms to defend his family after the British kill his son and burn his house. It’s everything you want in a movie. There’s a massive score, huge battle sequences, and Mel Gibson is a real force of nature.

Letters From Iwo Jima is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, period. Let alone movies from this century. It’s by Clint Eastwood, who is probably the best director working right now, I’d say. He’s highly underappreciated, but this is one of the few he’s made that have gotten proper praise. It’s part of a pair, with the other one being Flags of Our Fathers. That one shows WW2 conflict in Japan from the American perspective, while Letters shows it from the Japanese. It’s a breathtaking achievement, basically in black and white, with all Japanese actors and dialogue. I found it incredibly moving, and very understated but not in a boring way. It’s the story of the final stand of Japanese soldiers, under a commander played by a truly amazing actor.

Third on my list is a movie called Fury, which didn’t do all that well critically, but I defy any normal person to watch it and not be blown away. This one has to do with an American tank brigade in WW2. Brad Pitt’s in it, along with Shia LaBeouf. The whole cast is fantastic. I have to say, it’s the only one shot with that shaky handheld footage that I enjoyed. I usually have a strong preference for the grand vistas in old movies like Lawrence of Arabia. This one makes you feel exactly like you’re in a tank, with all the claustrophobia and the nerves that come with it. I can personally attest to that. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s an amazing story that’s all the better for being true, just like Letters.

I’m curious to know what other films you’ve seen in the past ten years that deserve more recognition, and to know what you think of these selections. Let me know!